1- Please don’t assume what sexual identity your child will have. It will present itself as they grow.
2- Don’t tell us how disappointed you are in our lifestyle. A simple hug will suffice. Bad enough the world is going to ridicule us no matter what. We shouldn’t get this type of behavior at home.
3- Don’t assume that every gay boy wants to be a hairstylist or florist and every lesbian a gym teacher. Times have changed and we can do it all as well.
4- Though it may be hard to listen to please take the time to talk to us. Get to know us. More is said that is not being said and we need that one person we can talk to. Let it be you!!!
5- Parents have expectations as to what you want for us. Let it be in career and intelligence not in who we love. Let’s not get it confused.
6- We are just as ordinary as any other child. The only requirement is extra hugs and kisses, a keener ear and a genuine smile.

Growing up I thank those very few that took me under their wings and made my sense of identity a little easier. Sometimes I didn’t take the advice and I paid for them. Getting older there definitely is a lot more grace to my steps. I think of those coming in after me and how the love of a parent makes a huge difference. I have seen so many young gay children leave their houses, hustle the streets and even commit suicide because the love of a parent wasn’t there. that all they anted was a hug or at last the simple words- I love you and for whatever reason it wasn’t said and the child’s sense of safety is broken. It became so lonely that they would rather find that acceptance in the streets amongst the derelicts, dealers, pimps and vultures because at home they don’t have it.


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