It doesn’t make a difference which neighborhood you from or what state you reside in, if there is a bodega then you all have encountered the corner boys. You know who they are. They are the boys that grew up and live in the hood usually either on the same block or a few blocks off from where the store is at. These are the boys that you have seen grow up from pre-teen to teenager to some being men. These Corner boys have an edge of danger that follows them where ever they go. It’s palpable. You can actually feel it from the way they look at you to the way they walk. The Corner boys usually make the neighborhood especially the block you live on a much safer place to be. Now many that never grew up in an “urban” neighborhood won’t understand this at all.

The Corner boys are far from nice to the outsiders. Now when I say outsiders it means anyone that did not grow up on the block or have family on the block. These Corner boys are as ruthless as they are loving. They believe in loyalty above everything and never once would sell their kin. They would never think of involving anyone outside of the circle. They handle any situation amongst themselves whether it involves fist fights, arguments or just not talking to each other. Brotherhood to them is on top of the list making it feel like some secret society. As a matter of fact these boys are almost operated like a highly organized cartel or mob.

Passing them by you can tell that some come from great homes. Now let me clear the air here, not every Corner boy is broke or comes from a hard life. No!!!

They went by nicknames or street tags. The reason being is the less people know about them better it goes. The Corner boys would always let the neighbors know when it was too hot to be outside. They would also warn everyone on the block when something ugly was going to happen. You have no idea how many times I have avoided some real ugly situations because of the Corner boys. There were so many times that the Corner boys have appeared when my girls and I were in places they didn’t like. They would appear in a group and make sure we were safe until we got home. Growing up with the Corner boys I had an extension of brothers not by blood but by hood. Till this day we still know each other and when we see each other we have that mad love we always have had since we were kids. There is a lot of hugging and smiling. There is lots of reminiscing as well. No matter how long it is that we have not seen each other there is still that level of respect and love as if we never lived far away from each other. It feels like we never left. Some of the corner boys have families and have changed and some still are Corner boys but one thing that is certain is that the loyalty and brotherhood still is the same.


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