I am a walking revolution

Having my own opinions and staying true to my beliefs

That I have learned and instilled within myself

Too many verbal fights with those that thought

That their voice needed to be heard.

Hold scars from those that took me

When I didn’t know better, couldn’t experience better.

Shame on me once but there’s no shame on me twice.

I’m no fool for those kisses. I don’t fall impressed by your

Fake fame of brag and swagger.

I don’t walk the streets and see queens.

What I do see is lost sisters believing that sex is

A power trip and not an honor to give away.

The so called kings in the streets looking wealthy

But earning on the pain and backs of their own kindred.

I am a revolution.

I state I am not angry nor bitter

I hold the candle in the dark.

I challenge thought to a generation of

Button pushing, fast pleasing, instamatic synthetic

And mechanical commands.

There’s nothing unique as we make idols

Of those parading world wide on drug addiction,

Multiple sex partners and talentless bodies of

Anorexic vision.

The same ones we the people, we the public made famous.

I am a conscious revolution.

Challenging anyone who can tell me and prove to me

That being gay makes me less of a man.

That my sexual marriage stands for nothing

While divorce rates go up tween mommy and daddy.

That I couldn’t raise a child

But I see less success stories of your upbringing.

Yes I am a fulfilled revolution.

Allowing myself not to be measured by your standards.

Living life to my own music.

Claiming my space and using it to the best of my ability.

I am a walking revolution

And this revolution is me.


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