I grew up in the 70’s-80’s and in a heavy populated latino neighborhood. When I moved out on my own in my 30’s I moved to a similar neighborhood where I was surrounded by old school Latinas. Now when I say old school, I not only mean in age I also mean in the way they were brought up.

I am talking about these woman that no matter what never dressed with their breasts all out. They are huge believers of less is more-it’s a lot more sexier when he wonders not see it all. They look at these other women that have their breasts out with a simple look above the rim of their glasses. These old school woman always are huge with wearing the right underwear with the right clothes. Panty lines are a huge no-no. Men don’t need too know where your underwear is sitting at and how. These old school women always make sure that their nails are on point and when they walk out the house they are presentable. They are not doing it to impress anyone they just know that you can look like a million bucks without owning a million bucks. These women live a certain code that they pass along to their grandchildren and daughters with rules like:

1-No calling after 9pm.

2-Boyfriends stay in the living room when they come over they have no need to be in the bedroom.

3-After school straight home.

4-You wash your panties in the shower and hang them up. (that is almost lost on new generation)

5-All you need is lipstick, deodorant and a hair brush,

6-Don’t leave out with wrinkled clothes.

7-Make sure you know how to cook for yourself, don’t depend on any one !

8-Your house should always be clean. (GOD forbid if company comes over and it’s a mess)

These are some of a few that come to mind. So many of my friends have this upbringing and I have to say thank GOD. These women stood this way and I have to say from observation they are deeply respected. They don’t budge from these simple rules and the way they look at life. They know that these are not subject to be changed. It has nothing to do with the new generation thing. All else changes but not these little rules. They stand for something not to mention that it makes a hell of a difference when it comes to meeting men. These old school women make sure that flirting is a process and it is all part of courting. They know that to make him work for it is where it’s at. He won’t appreciate you if he doesn’t sweat you. They know that to give up the goods to fast or soon only leads to nothing but heartache and disrespect. Like my mother always said- Donde me encuentras es donde tu me dejas, en mi casa! Where you found me is where you leave me, in my home.

These old school women do things on the hush. They prefer to drink or hang out at home. If they go out it’s a real date. Not met me at a bar an then wham bam! You would never catch them drunk and never ever making a spectacle of themselves in the street. They are the ones that know what it is to be a lady in the streets and a sex kitten in the sheets, they don’t speak to other women about their bedroom secrets because they know that is only putting out a resume that doesn’t need a job application.

I love my old school mammitas. They remind me so much of home and the strong women I am surrounded with growing up and know in my life.


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