My book is finally here. Not only is it self published but it also is one of the most biggest accomplishments I have done in my life. writing gives me release and I must say that writing my memories and having to reread them over and over was intense. the process made sure I detoxed. at times I had to make sure I had a safe place to go to within so I don’t carry this with me throughout the day. when you have the time please purchase the book on amazon

here is an excerpt:


This book was a long time coming. You can only imagine how many times I read it over, then changed it, then decided not to do it, then said Fuck It I am doing it. There were days that I just left it alone as if it was a boyfriend I was mad at. I marinated in these words sometimes in pain, sometimes in total relief. What you are about to read is just a glimpse into my life, a bit of my journey. It is made up of certain life situations that have affected me to my core. The events and experiences that have made me the person I am today. Some days these memories were like an old friend that gave me the best of days leaving me with a smile that lasted all day. Then sometimes these memories were like a rude guest that just didn’t know when to leave. All in all it was amazing writing this. It is my story, my experience to the best of my memories.


One comment

  1. tpcsufian · September 27, 2015

    It takes a lot of guts to write an autobiographical book. Facing your demons. Accepting the past. Awesome! I self-published too. 😀


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