When I was in my youth, and I mean the youth where you really don’t think past your following week, I never thought about getting old. To me it was just about living to the utmost, having fun and never once having any regrets. These are what I call the wonderful 20’s. this time is fun, fun, fun. I have always considered the 20’s the teenage years of being an adult where you are responsible for it all but you have no concept of how severe it really is. Such a wonderful concept of recklessness.

When you reach your 30’s it becomes clear that planning is the way to go. That everything you do has a price and that if you are to remain in substance you must make sure that you now invest in all things that have to do with life. For some they get it. They straighten themselves out and get to business. They lock in a great job or get an education but most of all the mindset changes when they realize that they have to remain focused and find their way to a path that many have travelled. It’s all good. We all have to at one time or another do this. I believe many get this because what they see what is around them and they refuse to find themselves in desperate measures in desperate times at such a rough age of life.

Then we have the older generation. This is the group my parents fall under. They came from the motherland in hopes of giving their children everything they didn’t receive themselves. They come and work like horses and make sure give their children all of themselves. They have no concept of investing. They are tireless and relentless in what they do and how they provide. To them they believe you work till you die. They don’t believe in vacations, they have no sense of what retirement is. They push on until it is time to go.

Which brings me to where I am at. What transpires in this land I called the land of the beautiful and free is sad. Once you are old you are left to none or minimal senses of cpmfort. The U.S doesn’t consider you good because you are not working. It doesn’t make a difference how you contributed, it doesn’t care that you gave of your spirit, that you lived your life crime free, that you took care of generations. Your old and you have to find your way, become a systems number, filling out this application, that application. You have a lot of hurry up and wait and just maybe, just maybe you will be picked out of a lottery and be lucky enough to live the rest of your old life happy and trouble free. The numbers are slim for this type of success. It is not easy being a jibarito from your motherland. With no education. Where you come into this life with all the best intentions and your heart is good.

I have been beside myself with how much it costs for the elderly to live safe in this country. I have been hitting wall after wall when they tell me that they are looking for a tenant that works, makes at least 70k, have an amazing credit score of over 680. If that is not good enough then you might be able to co-sign for them if and only if you make at least 6 figures. Like serious? If I made that I wouldn’t be looking for an apartment for them, I would buy a house and call it a day.

This experience has given me such a different look on life and retirement. It has made me realize that the system really doesn’t care, not that they ever did. That I must make smart and long investments toward my retirement. That I have no sense of just stopping to rest a bit because right behind me is father time with no mercy making sure I get my dose of aging, wisdom is not included.


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