I stop in between to look at all that has happened.
So many ends needing to be connected or snipped 

Or tied. 

I await proof cause actions never reflect words.

Those that walk in silence make the most noise. 

I stay like a fool watching-

Momma always told me in silence there is speech.

Your ears are to listen to words but

Your heart is hear whispers.

When ready your words will strike and lay smooth.

Not blurt and destroy.

Everything that is destroyed will be built again.

Mothers common sense 

is far more intelligent 

than a scholars session.

I commence.

All good is never easy.

Perseverance is built in inspiration is grasped.

I will be on the HD tube.

I will be the lips of many.

Unfinished business just means

More roads yet made from me to pave.

Less time for socialables.

More time to surround

Less time to disagree 

More time to focus as I see with the hawks eye. 

I will be…..


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