I woke up and part of my morning ritual is to look on my Facebook timeline. I noticed it was World AIDS Day. This floods my mind with so many memories. At my age I have lived the time when the AIDS virus first ascended on humankind. The way it first started was something that literally scared the hell out of the world. When I mean the world, I mean the world all over- an international disease that grabbed us all by the balls. No one knew what it was, it didn’t even have a name.
At first they called it Withering Disease. The people that were stricken with this literally died within weeks and ended up looking like the cadavers that you would see from the pictures of the Holocaust. They would give you a room and it was to die in a bed with no sense of hope. This disease literally killed a whole entire generation. People were so scared to even be close to each other. They thought that you can get it just from touching. God forbid if someone even sneezed. There was mass hysteria. It changed the way intimacy would be for generations to come.
Then of course they immediately needed to blame someone and it was because of the blacks and of the gays. They were the ones that were carrying the disease. They had yet to still know how it was transmitted. They had no explanation to let us know where its origin was but they knew as a fact that it was people of color and gays. The religious zealots took this to the bank and ran with it. they said this disease was a wrath of GOD upon humankind for not following the lord. That this is why the blacks and gays were dying. they deserved it for the way they were living their life. little did they know that it would end up right in their backyard. That lasted for a few months. It was when they started noticing whites were falling like flies that it was then called an epidemic. That’s when things got underway to find what this thing was that was killing everyone it touched. They couldn’t understand that this disease was not racist nor prejudice. It gave no one chances. It cared not tax bracket you was in or profession you were. You got it you was good as dead.
They researched and noticed it was now hitting junkies especially intravenous users. When this was put out there it changed the entire game for users. Through all off this it didn’t have a name yet. It didn’t have a story of origin either. It would be close to 10 years before they had a name and some type of plan. It would be years before they realized it was in the blood and at the end of the day blood is something every single person has. No one is different. When the medications came out of course the guinea pigs were the poor. Of course the numbers of infection were higher there.These pills were so toxic because in killing the infection it also killed the immune system. All it gave you was a longer life but with all the complications as if you were dying anyway.
Now we are entering the 2000’s. It’s a whole different game. There is no cure but the medication has come a long way. A person can live with it and have a very long, productive life without dying from the virus. The person no longer has to take 7-15 pills and the medication is not so toxic to the body. It’s rare for someone to die now of the virus.
I pray for those affected. I pray for those that have been touched by this virus one way or another. It is not easy. As a species we have so much to go. The awareness we have helps but there is still a lot of ignorance.
I think of my sister and my best friend who lived and died with this disease. One died when there was no hope and the other when there was


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