What do you do when you just can smell something in the air just isn’t right? Do you go ahead and beat them to the punch or do you wait so that when it explodes not only are you ready but your there with the – I told you so?

You tend to trust that intuition. Intuition is a good word but I call it a gift, only because many ppl don’t have this. Others have called it common sense but I have learned in this life that common sense isn’t so common.

So for the rest of this short entry I call it a gift. I will also go on and tell you it’s family inherited. It’s usually the lady we see ever so often to speak to you at a table with her cards sprayed all on the table and she/he speaks with such precision that you ask if they were actually there. It can be the elders usually the grandma that talks these sweet gems of knowledge on you as she stirs your fresh cup of coffee. Hinting to those secrets things you do that will not go well for you if you don’t heed the gentle words of warning. Sometimes it can actually be so random as you being in the right place at the right time and overhear something that you was playing with in your mind and the answer happens to come out of a strangers mouth. You take note of it and usually chalk it up to coincidence.

These are the things I call a gift. We seem to take it for granted. This gift I speak of runs in all races. I have encountered them all from Latino to Irish to Indian they always have one in the family. You know that family member that when you sit next to them they look at you and you just know that they see deeper than what you care to show. The one that no matter how quiet you are about your stuff they give you that certain look that lets you know- I see you! Usually giving you a grin. LOL.  Then the family member with this gift knows who else in the family has it and they nurture it with love and a lot of advice. A list of do’s and dont’s that you will test to make sure it’s you that has inherited this gift. Then the road for responsibility of this gift comes with a heavy price.

Sometimes you don’t want to know certain things about this individual. Sometimes you are not in the mood to give great advice to a friend or relative or complete stranger but you know you won’t sit right with yourself if you don’t.

I laugh because it’s a birthright and in your persona growth you will eventually get it. You can call it whatever but at the end of the day it is a GOD given gift and with this gift comes a particular growth that will never let you half ass anything.

So embrace your inner brujo.


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