Dear Becky with the good hair,

 I want to say thank you. Though your tresses never needed extra grooming and though you woke up and just passed a comb through it I thank you for making me come to realization of so many things because of it. I am able to love my kink and wool even more so as when you reach your 30’s are attaching things to make it thicker. I will have this mane of hair well into my 50’s. It will still pertain to have the mind of its own when I wake up. It will continue to remind me of its strength and that my roots go as deep as Africa.

My skin will make sure that I age gracefully while your ass looks like you hit the pavement when you reach your late 20’s. Its natural oils will make sure that my skin glows to remind me that the sun has and always want to touch me. No sunscreen needed for it’s built in.

I love that you for the most part will be the taboo of what my men will want to hit, to add as a nitch on their tree of sexual endeavors but it will be me to keep him. Becky don’t ever feel that you are superior. I strived and earned my kingdom it wasn’t given to me by daddy or mommy. I didn’t feel entitled to beg, scream and pout when I had to earn it by working for it.  I am born to know and survive so as you sit feeling cute with your good hair I’ll be happy watching you lose what your claim to fame is. I will walk by you swinging my curling iron and rollers while you sit and watch me claim what you thought is yours. Silly rabbit trix are for kids and besides it takes a big hearted, bold kinky haired chic to hold my men down! There was a reason why the GODS gave me broad hips and full chest. It wasn’t to be a pornographic dream but a place called home.

So Becky with the good hair have a great life. I know I will well into my 60’s with all I came on earth with


By Kinky chic


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