Welcome To The Ghetto 

Yesterday The 22nd of October was magic. It was the 1st time I performed with a crowd where it literally felt like home. It was as if all my cousins came to my crib to hang out , let loose and just be in positive vibe company. The stage was safe space. The audience was there to catch me. What I shared was personal situations and ppl that those of us who grew up living paycheck to paycheck knew, those of us who grew up on public assistance knew. This play was for my ppl who knew that next to growing up there was struggle, there were hard times but were taught to face adversity. We came from a place that our parents weren’t all college educated or had 6 digit jobs but taught us to live and have hope and to be honest and to work hard so what is ours is ours and no one can take it away. This play was dedicated and done in hopes of inspiring us to move forward, to find our niche. It was to claim a spot and ride it till they see us coming and know that there is a place for our stories and our sense of belonging amongst all the others that have a voice. This play was for those that no longer want to be silenced. This was for those that don’t deny but “Welcome To The Ghetto”!

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