Today is AIDS day. It is a day in which we acknowledge those that have died from this disease. Especially at a time when this disease was still being named and broken down as to what it really was and what it was capable of doing. By the time the world really knew what this disease was millions had died. No who you was one was safe from it. It discriminated no one. It didn’t care what race you was or what your financial status was nor your religion or what profession you were in. This disease killed with  no mercy. leaving the one affected to die looking like a cadaver from a bad picture of the holocaust. It also ate you alive at a very quick pace. You lasted 3 months top and it took you from the outside in. There was no way you had this disease and no one knew. It would be in your physical so clearly.

I was in my teens when this disease called AIDS manifested itself. So many people died at an alarming rate. The news blamed everyone from it was a gay disease then it was  the prostitutes and from there it was a black people disease. When they found out it was a blood disease the junkies got the run of the mill as well.

It changed dating for everyone. Hetero as well as homosexual will never see sex and casual dating the same ever again. The almighty condom became a necessity in all our affairs. It made a generation cold when it came to intimacy. It was never abut being promiscuous and careless. It made many just not bother to be intimate with anyone to begin with.



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