Another new year is coming and one can’t help to just have memories flooding you almost instantaneously. I allow them. Wether they are pleasant or not I take it all in. There is a purpose for them. They serve a purpose at times to remind me that I no longer live that way. They help me be proud of how far I have come. They exist to help me grab that pen and write it out so it no longer holds power over me. 

I cannot explain to you how amazing this process has been and continues to be in my life. With it I receive all that cones attached to it. The smells of the place, what I was wearing, the colors of my surroundings. It at times brings in the weather at the time it happened. It’s such a sweet release. 

It brings to mind what was told to me when I was young from one of the older men that would hang out on my corner. He was always ohsyungbfoninies and sold numbers. He told me- Always remember that the pen is always mightier than the sword. That stood with me always. He was right. What you see in black and white can never be denied. It locks a moment The same way a picture does. 


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