I take Brooklyn with me wherever I go. I never once shy from it. Even when I either plan a trip or get a fabulous fashion ensemble together, Brooklyn shows out. It’s not done on purpose. I am a sneaker head big time. I have been to shows, been to parties and just by the way I wear my sneakers ppl know I’m from Brooklyn. I hit that stage and that walk that goes from the back to the centerstage says Brooklyn. It’s no limp side walk but filled with papi swag. Brooklyn infused me with pride. No matter how poor you walk head up, feet strong in a room. My comedy and monologues are Brooklyn saturated. It taught me to find humor in the ritzy of situations. It prepared me to be strong since a kid when heroin then crack ran rampant in streets that I called home, in parks filled with broken bottles from liquor and 40 ounces. Brooklyn taught me how to model! When I was a chamacito on the corner wearing my fat laced Pumas and Adidas, matching my Le Tigre shirt with my socks. Giving urban glam in Lee jeans with stitched creases. 

Brooklyn is with me everywhere I go becoming synonymous with my Puerto Rico. “Yeah yo I’m Puerto Rican de Brooklyn.” I will always carry Brooklyn with me. No interview without a carajo, no smile without wattup!!!! I am Brooklyn and I take it with me wherever I go with orgullo, love and wear Brooklyn like a badge of honor from a Negrito who survived 80’s Brooklyn war. 


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