Since March 17th until April 9th I am doing a one man show where I play 2 characters. I’m play 2 brothers, they are both completely different from each. One is deceased and the one is alive. The difference in age is a little over 5 yrs and the one that is alive is the one that is on this path of discovery of not only himself but of his brother. In all actuality he never knew his baby brother. 
Now I always tell my students that you are chosen for the role. When I mean by this is that the role you are to get usually reflects either where you are in life or where you are headed. 

It begins to place you in the moments that will bring you a profound sense of awareness. It is from there that you begin to dig into a well of consciousness. It will hit you gradually. As the artist you will start to walk that path laid out for you. 

Then this magic happens. What will happen is that you will be on that stage and the similarities will hit with what is coming out of your mouth and that moment will be come as tangible and fresh as it had just happened. It is there you let go. It is there that you become a complete vehicle. The magic is when all is done and you are in the dressing room alone. When you start decompressing. It is in there that the healing starts. It is there that you realize your comparisons. That those characters you play are the old you that has shed his skin, that they pull on the inner child that you have learned to nurture and raise up so he knows that there is a safe place. It takes you to a place of reckoning. You sit in your skin feeling every thing that you had went through when there was no solution. Then and only then does it become crystal clear that all of the pain and hurt and abuse was all part of the story for you to get to this point. No longer does your past become a crippling effect but a place of healing. 



  1. Gloria C. · April 7, 2017

    I always delight in being notified of your written words. Thank you for being you ❤


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