There are days that the world wants to remind me where I came from. It takes me to a place that full memories of what I went through literally shake my core! It comes in waves and in full color. I can see the faces and actually the smells as well. It pisses me off! It makes it clear why I went through what I went through. It helps me make sense of why I gave my body over and over and over again thinking they would stay. Thinking that they would tell me I’m their one and only. Never realizing that I was really chasing the father that was never present. That I never had a male figure show me how to love myself. No hugs of reassurance. No “you can do it”! I feared it all and found worth outside never within. 
Looking back at my youth it makes sense why I was so loud and abrasive in my teens and early 20’s. This defense mechanism that was screaming “help & hear me!” I was in fear of not being accepted. That at any moment I would be hurt physically, taken against my will because they were able to see my weakness. 

I understood why I numbed myself because to feel it all would’ve found me with a switchblade to the wrists. It was way to overwhelming for me to admit that I was made a fool of, made fun of, betrayed and looked at as weird, less than and not to be heard.

I was raped and molested so many times that I thought this was how love was supposed to be. No affection, no nurturing not even kisses just primal and predatory. They not once even used sweetness in their words. I was a filthy fagot and this is what happens, this is all I was good for. It was so bad that I stopped fighting and just assumed position for there was no fight in me at all. They all hopped on, did the deed and then threatened me within an inch of my life. Each and every fucking time!!!  

It’s days like this when I’m tired and I’m up against the wall that it reminds me that I survived this and I have a fucking purpose. That these stories can give hope. Not every princess marries her prince but she sure as hell can have fun looking for him without giving up her freedom to love and search. This journey every day won’t allow me to be ordinary. It holds me accountable every time I perform it, write it, speak it and share it. It helps me know that I am going to be safe and that my story and experience allows me to look into people’s eyes without fear anymore. It reminds me all the time that even though shade exists there is just as much good. Thank you to each person that live, loves and laugh through these ugly storms of memories.



  1. Gloria C. · April 17, 2017

    This hurts 😦
    Knowing that you had to suffer at the hands of masochists, it just hurts.
    I am thankful, however, that you did survive and lend your voice to those who cannot.
    You’re a blessing.


  2. Kenia M Fernandez · April 17, 2017

    You are beautiful, and powerful, and inspiring. Thank you for being you/

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Raivenne · April 17, 2017

    Rage on, Andres! It lets the ones who have yet to learn know that it’s okay to do so. That in doing so they can heal. Your words tear, sear. Each of us who survive past our individual hells eventually learn we are not alone in this. But we only learn this when others who have had the misfortune to travel these paths speak up, tear up and yes, rage up and share it. Fuck whatever it is that sought you out to try it and let them know – Not. Today.


    • chulisi · April 17, 2017

      Yeeesssss ur words have fire as well. Thank you so much


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