I always grew up with some type of magic in my home. The memories of mommy doing her ritual Sunday cleanings that started at early morning till the afternoon are forever etched in my memory. The smell of church incense brings me back to mommy cleaning the house to make sure negative vibes don’t linger. Her in her house dress with a cigar being held firmly on the right side of her lip. Dancing to some very heavy music drenched in drums and a foreign language that though I didn’t understand it it felt like home. It was this magic I grew up in and embraced before I could even say an Our Father or whisper a Rosary. It stood with me well into my teens and when it became my turn to embrace my birthright is when I learned of Ocha. 

I knew that there was a very tangible spirit world. I saw too many things as a kid not to believe. I knew there were spirits that looked out for you, guided you and protected you. 

It was Ocha that helped me understand some parts of my life and traits of myself that made full sense. It would be close to 10 yrs before I got initiated into Ocha and when I found out that my father was Chango is when I embraced the man I was and to become. The fact that my father was a king and chose me to be his child, that I was his son helped me kill the fact that I was trash, a piece of shit. Never again would I believe I was worthless. It was Chango’s words when he said he will be the father I never had that I felt a sense of security and relief. The world was more bearable, less fearful. Now with 13 years of being initiated I can say the journey becomes fruitful. Not in the material sense but inner. I love the man me. I learn each day that age comes with its blessings and that trials and tribulations come with lessons well earned. He helped me understand that his energy, his vibe was with me way before I knew who he was. I learned that my journey before his introduction had to happen so that I was prepared and open enough to receive and continue to walk. It’s not easy. Philosophical questions become internal searches in spirit and self love. Through it all though i say proudly i love him and that Chango is my father.  


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