Wednesday found me home curled up watching an episode of “Being Mary Jane”. There was this scene that after she got into the car crash she was in the hospital and she looked pretty messed up. Her best friend was in the room awaiting for her to enter the room. It was that particular scene that it all came back to me. I was 16 yrs old and my sister Gladys was just admitted into the hospital. She had undergone a procedure and Mommy wanted to make sure that we were there. When we entered mommy went straight to the nurses station. I overheard them mentioning the room so I left. When I entered the room Gladys wasn’t there. I looked real quickly and heard her in the bathroom. I sat down and patiently waited for her to finish. I remember the whole time on the train nervous to see her. Gladys and me were very close. Where ever she went I was there. So you can just imagine how high my anxiety was sitting in that chair waiting to see my sister. When Gladys came out I can tell she was crying. We looked at each other and I gave her a kiss and a hug. I sat on the bed and she went to the mirror. She started to cry again and started to speak in between sobs. I couldn’t really make out what she was saying because she was swollen from the operation they did. Then she looked at me from the mirror and said “Look what they did!” At that moment she took a big inhale and half her face sunk in. She started balling and I recalled how at that very early age I learned to keep that frozen face. The same expression I learned to have with my abusers. 

I also knew that my sister would never be the same. This took out a huge blow out of her! It was also the deterioration of her, my hero, my Wonder Woman. 


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